pics! prom da pairs.

yuf. so here are some pics from the buy the yard and the spring fling!

andrea sold at the spring fling (melanies fair) for me.. not so busy :c but i bought stuff anyway :P -2$ i got this very nice!!! glass globe on an ornate brassy-like stand with a delicate fern inside ! it looks like a mini tree. oh man is it nice! but thing is the glass globe keeps getting fogged up. dunno why? too much condensation? :S
ill try and take a good pic of it. i love it :D

the girl i got it from had all kinds of moss and ferns inside bottles and unusual glass containers. apparently the glass enclosure makes its own eco system or something... almost all of them dont need watering. my kind of plant!!

so heres pics from the buy the yard... lots of friends came! WOW thanks ladies!!!!
arianne, iris, rachel and claire! wow :D :D met new friends tooooooo

here are pics from melanies fair!
andrea and rob are so cute xxx

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