Mascara and Work Less Party PARTY

L'Oreal Beauty Tubes
Wow this stuff is nice.
Here are a few pics of

I wanted to apply and take pics so the only model i had available was naufus. but havent gotten around to doing the pics on meself with other make up and stuff. Look at how crazy good this stuff is.
So much longer. So much.
I applied the creamy lengthening stuff just lightly on the tips of the lashes.

Reminded me of fake snow.
um i guess i dont have to put that ad in the back but its got some kind of code for 5 bucks. this is why i got this stuff :D
Then just go over with the black on the other side of the tube.

Wow. Loves this stuff. Pics of a proper before and after soon.
"Matchstick is looking for feedback from anyone who may have seen my posting regardind L’Oreal Beauty Tubes. If you click on the link below and complete the survey, you will be helping them by donating $2.00 to Shelternet, so please Click Here to take their short feedback survey.
For every survey that is completed, Matchstick will make a $2 donation to Shelternet (, which is a Web-based Women and Children’s Crisis Support Center that provides aid and financial support to locally based women’s shelters across Canada .
Your time and feedback is greatly appreciated" <--thats from the loreal and matchstick people!
im going to this party on saturday. it looks SO HYPE yipee!!
and (wait) im gonna have really long lashes!!!!


i think im going to use skype chat icon codes from now in in real life typing (y)

so anytime you see a word or letter or whatever in parentheses, it may or may not translate to a cute skype chat icon.

oh yeah. i got fired from the call center. er. i was only suckering 25 dollars an hour after 2ish weeks and was supposed to make 40. i was earning 9. oh well. naufus started the day i got fired but i dont think hes gonna do it? im laughing here. really made me realize should just do what i was doing duh so hard :S

work less party party people in full effect i am so excited that little minute clip mmmm were just gonna go as masquerade.

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