4,000 hits in one day?!

woah! holy! 3,600+ page loads and over a thousand people visited my site today!
wow :D that is so amazing!!! i replied to this lady who emailed me from my shop asking if i wanted to do some projects using old stuff- for earth day, inmetro town on april 18, and i said yes so she included me in their press release. and i mean wow holee press. i wanna see it too!!!! so many orders today! love you earth day.

OR OR OR !! hello. this just in from trudy of toodlebunny designs:

durrr... i was featured on the vitamin daily today!

what is going on here i need to make more stuff and get it online!!!! man o man.

oh yeah.
theres now NEW STOCK At Virgin Marys and Barefoot Contessa.

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