It's Your Life in BERLIN, GERMANY at Schwesterherz !!!!

click on title to to go to the Schwesterherz website-- its soo cutie!!!! x

Schwesterherz Laden + Saftbar in Germany is located at:
Gärtnerstr. 28
10245 Berlin
Tel.: 0049-30-779 011 83
Fax: 0049-30-779 011 86

These designs are now going to Germany, in an actual gift shop, and not only do they have gifts, they also have SMOOTHIES. yep, thas right bois and gurls. SMOOTHIES. uh-huh. my stuff in a shop with gifts and fruit smoothies, oh could it get any cooler??!!! ahlaveet!!
This is what cupcake on had to say about Schwesterherz in Berlin: "great store!!! super cute display of gifts, accessories, wrapping papers, candle holders, postcards, etc. while you browse you can order up one of their tasty smoothies or a coffee… great concept and super chic! a must see…"

so, did you check out their website?
its rockin, check it out!!!

very niiice...
very stoked!!!
i suppose my stuff will arrive within the next week or so...woOT!

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