new places, new faces

new situations!

ok so i think i may move very close to where i am now, just up the street- till april, the only thing is is that there is no effin window or fan in the kitchen! my gosh. but hey. its 500 a month, everything included including wireless internet. my room mate would be this young 20 year old computer guy who plays bass and uncannily reminds me of my younger brother.

i dont think im going back to manila for christmas, specially if i really can spend christmas with linsy! yay. went and checked out ping's on main with her last night and the place is really nice but the food was so bad. go to hapa izakaya instead! my gosh. lucky me linsy was the perfect date so i didnt even care that the food was so not special.
yeah so i talked to my dad and he said maybe i shouldnt go back yet, and so did linsy, and i guess i was feeling major stress coz i had convinced myself into going, but im not anymore. just coz i didnt want to be here for xmas since ive been spending every year with simons family-like 4 years straight??? so yay for linsy. and naufus will be back by then. it actually probably wont be so bad.
mmm. oh yeah, my dads girlfriend broke up with him, so lame of her. mmmm. hes real bummed about it coz shes not givin him any closure. i know what thats like on both ends. bummer. dear old dad, i just want him to be happy. anyway that last lady was a bit high maintenance me thought.

what other news.
yes, so i am moving. im not going to be listing any new stuff to sell online this season since im so unsettled im going to wait to pick up online sales next year. so till the end of the year ill just be doing the fairs and shops and im also going to be looking for a job. OH MY GOD that is right. an actual job WITH A BOSS (not me) gasp!
itll be cool. hopefully someone will part time hire my slack ass.

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