ok ladies and gents needing to buy some stuff for their ladies:

Fab Fair: Nov. 22 & 23 at the heritage hall on main.

Melanies Etsy Fair (if i find someone to do the last day of fab fair or this one im in)
Nov. 23

Nov. 30: I HEART CRAFTS at the Ukrainian Cutural Center on e pender.
oh i am such a moron and i forgot to apply for this i heart crafts!!! my gosh i hope someone drops out!!! come on... please... someone drop out....

Dec. 7: GOT CRAFT !

Dec. 20: BLIM winter market (this would be for the last last last minute gents)

Jan. 17: GotCraft 'Indie I Do' (wedding jewelry!!)

(posters coming up later)

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  1. such a busy gal! what's your secret - i'm in a 2 yr slump. boo! i wish, i wish...