so i guess im not moving till oct. what the heck. um, yeah. so tonight swarm kicked off. i went with sam and eric, who picked me up with tanya and beforehand sam had been told to warn me that there was going to be a child in the car so no hard drug use!! just kidding. so they come and pick me up and tanya and the child gustav are in the back and right off the bat the boy covers his eyes and refuses to let go, three minutes into the car ride to the belkin hgustav is so freaked out by me he starts wailing. and crying and crying. gosh i swear children + nico = no mix. so we stopped for a bit and got back in and he started crying again i think so when we got to the belkin tanya and gustav just went straight back :c but on to the belkin coz raymonds grad piece was in the show and met up with charlotte. free ride back as there was a yellow school bus driving back and forth coz its supposed to be mt. pleasant openings.. and we went to the old video inn i hadnt seen the new vivo it is now, its nice and cleaned up.. walked to the grunt but just passed by then to the western front and hung for a bit but i was getting all grumpy and needed to take meds with food so i kept buggin them oops and then charlotte walked home (its her birthday tomorrow!) and so then we ate chinese and walked home and now im here typing this thinking you have no idea what the heck im blabbering on about!!! yeah. charlottes show is opening tomorrow later at the clack clack empire on 524 shanghai alley. the green collection. all cans. as in canned goods.

back to making stuff tomorrow later-supposed to have stock for virgin marys but might be delayed ;; im so slow.


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