majormoneyhands! woohoo!

ok i am happy. its been really sunny. im taking pics of more bags today. and also im picking up a hefty check at barefoot contessa so ill be bringing in more product for both locations later this week.

i still need to make hella stuff for plenty!!!

so slow.

so you know how im like, totally obsessed with the western and chinese horoscopes, numerology, tarot cards, the i ching, rune casting and any other divinatory method ill find yeah? so last night or so i go find out about the taurus born goat. its absolutely terrible. but the lady who wrote the book mentions her EX husband who was a goat a lot, so i dunno... basically says if i dont get on it ill never get to where im going. duh. hmm. guess its good to read all the possible negative traits one can fall into and work out the best plan of action of avoiding them in the future. or working them out. something. yeah so that discipline.....ok im going now. have to go pay for the blim fair too :D

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  1. Majormoneyhands huh? hihi. Good to hear you're doing good and happy.
    Don't worry too much about not getting where you're going. You're good on your way, working hard, putting your heart and soul in it. Give yourself a hug and a pat on the back. You're great!