a few new bags

here a few new bags...
i got new backgrounds the other day so im going to be taking more pics this weekend. i guess it is better to take em when its kind of overcast. diffused. i havent been working much at all really, but i guess you can tell.
click on the pics to go to listings! the black bag is only 40$

today i had to go get my tooth fixed and i was lucky coz i walked right in and they sat me down straight away with no appointment. then the dentist was wicked and fixed up something else for free. his gift to me. sweet. so i was hoping it would be less than 200$ and it was. then ya i got a bike now. its a kids bike from the 50's. made in chechoslovakia. i really should be more practical but its just so adorable. its only got one gear and is a back pedal brake. its a large kids bike. there.

so tonight is the pyramid power party at monte clark according to sam w. i really wanted to go do something and texted but then i realized shit i gotta make stuff, the week is over, it is friday. jeez nico.
did fix the place up tho with even simon helping and its really getting much clearer in here now that im planning to move :P

naufus coming back soon. yay. were going to move together. fun. !!!

so there are 2 fairs end of the month- BLIM on the 27th and I Heart Crafts on the 28th.

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