isn't it amazing how the word unfamiliar is like
un as in under
famil as in family
liar as in to lie


so tripped out by that word right now.
i cast a few hexagrams again and i hadnt been so they are unfamiliar and need to reread and reabsorb. pretty trippy mapping them out. seeing when what lead to what....

but onto familiar fluff
astrid aka DJ Soulflower in the living room/workroom :D she got the black and pink kitty bag on the right ya!

on the left you can see the chain rolls and bags of jewelry supplies i got. 14 pounds worth. gah. the xray dude admitting me into the airport in manila: ano yun sandali, sandali bukasan natin yung kahon,.... ano yun yung.. bakal.. ano yung bilog na... AH!
jewelry chain. i bought it in quiapo....ahhh.. ok, ok..go..

at M Cafe.......

ok ok, sorry astrid i am using you as my bag model....... but look!!! doesnt the bag look great? its coz they are! and they are available in my shop!!!

im so hella slow. now its kind of rainy and i didnt take any pictures of any bags for the shop yet. doh.
but have been making jewelry ;D

the I Heart Crafts Bazaar is back on Sept. 10th!! I have to email and hope there are still spaces. I dont think ill have the bags there, maybe just samples coz we made them in manila, but with like samples they should be on my site by then! yeah. ok.
lots of jewelry still to be made :D


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  1. hey! september 10th!? that's a Wednesday. I want to go, so let us know when. thanks!