stumbled upon

wow! gosh i was checking my shop stats and i have gotten 1,349 unique visitors since aug. 6!! crapola the day i was to return....
gotta fill up my shop when i get back.

the past few days have been really good for me. just chillin with old and new friends, partying and music. our helper left so we have no maid.. basically starving coz were kind of lazy to cook. well i am, coz my dad and bro are completely incapable :p

my celphone was lost/stolen. gah. all my vancouver and manila numbers were in there.. but the worst part is the pictures! hah. it got stolen while i was lunching with a friend and then my dad gave me an new phone the same day. then that evening going to meet up with the same malas friend i left the new one my dad lent me in the cab. GAAAAH. bad luck right. but my bro was able to call the cab company and radioed the cabbie to come back with it. whew. signs. two celphones lost in a day but one came back. NYE

hmmm. i dont know how to blog anymore. or at least while im not on my computer.. or have any pictures!! ak. i will get on that today.

its already noon time here on the 10th. i think i need a bit more sleep. but now i have to make puttanesca for us. punyeta!


  1. Wow that's a lot of hits at your shop, and well deserved my friend!
    Thats odd about the phones, but I'm glad you got at least one back. Get rested! Love you hugs, Gina

  2. thanks gina :D
    im glad i got one back too..

    hope you are well dear!!!!