i really gotta get rid of that top im wearing :c / c: with 'strid who lives upstairs. the crazy thing is when i left manila for palawan before i left for vancouver all my core crew i guess left too.. went all abroad, as in every single one of the crew i called core spread to ca to ny to euro styles.. so when i got back from palawan going to vancouver i felt like it was all totally new and fresh and shit. then i had to come back to manila for a while..almost a year coz of some fambly stuff and then i remet friends and made new ones from old and astrid and red were the last crew i hung with before coming back to vancouver. so like almost five years later its a bit uncanny after everyones moved around to have them as
my literal next door neighbors. URAQT is your dad a dealer coz youre dope to me. love this girl. thank you for the hospitality.

trippin at strids (sorry i cut red out he looked too messed :P )

wit chris at m cafe

with my bro:

now if i save up 15 grand canadian in less than a year i can buy myself a 2-3 bedroom unit. low profile styles. swimming pool. i like that. it doesnt seem that much right. and id have a landing spot in my hometown doy. its not like my hometown is a boring one ;D

my trip... too few pics.. the pics of the bags are taken here..

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