Oh yay!!

I was able to extend my ticket till the 15th. More time to make more stuff and have a little rest before I go back to Vancouver!

A bit ;; about making jewelry late for fall? but will see what I can do with what I have here... mmm havent even looked at the jewelry stuff I got since I bought it weeks ago.....should have brought tools at least! OK LANG.

my mayan wavespell is almost over. this is the first one i ever realized was happening and it seems my mirror shattered months prior so im like, woah. something is happening majorly and im not getting it. but now im like ok, ok, riding it, its kind of turmoil but then again im completely neurotic so that aside, yeah i can deal with this shit.... hey yeah its actually kind of nice.................on this side.

so im back on the 15th with my inventory of tonnes of new bags and pouches.... ill try and get a picture on up 'ere.. gah im lazy to get sean to do it ;D


  1. so little pics! i will try and post more.. or are you on facebook? i will look for you there.