omg. im leaving tomorrow!! frik. frik. friiik!!

i was just finishing an invoice on word and it crashed and didnt save it. so annoyed!!!!!

so i dont have enough stuff. im going to have to take down some stuff form the online shops and might not have even have that much for the BLIM fair on the 26th nevermind new stock for barefoot contess mid month. gah. what the heck was i thinking. not doing enough.....

but yeah. i am tired.


hey. i was supposed to get this DOVE CHOCOLATE pleasure kit in the mail!! damnit. was asked to be part of this review thingy where they send me chocolate and i post the shit out of it everywhere i can.. but i havent gotten it yet and now im leaving!! OH NO!! simons gonna eat it all damn!! free chocolate i mean come on. wish i had a piece right now.. could use some pleasure producing chocolate right now for sure!

good night see you in manila ><

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