hexagram 50

i cant sleeeeepppppppp im leaving soon.. making still till i go.. on the waitlists to extend.. duh.. could make more stuff but need that ticket date. oh god someone else please cancel.. but then have orders for when i come back already waiting.. there are so many bags i cant believe the two new designs i came up with. well not really like magically came up with, more like similared. if that isnt a word its definitely my concept. were making 6 of these gorgeous fall bags tomorrow i made the pattern today and cherry worked it out. fast too. and tonnes of the granny style ones....only 3 dresses for blythe coz i forgot to bring velvet and best. duh! ok lang. im going to make inventory tomorrow. i swear there is a shitload of stuff.
hex 50.3.4 > 4 mmmmm.
Jay Ramsay's poem for Hex.50 (from I Ching: The Shamanic Oracle of Change by Martin Palmer, Jay Ramsay & Zhao Xiaomin)

Offering Up

And can you let it go?
Can you let it be beyond you?
Can you offer it up?

It is hidden in your heart, and your heart knows
This is the sacrifice, and you are it.

Feel it. And it is burning
With the clear flame we call love
That burns off what doesn't belong to it.

Feel it and it is a jewel
It is the most precious thing you have.

And it is yours - because you gave it.

The flame burns rose in your mind, like wine.

It is the best you have, and you gave it. Can you?


mm tis actually 3:53 am Aug. 1. hey lindsay is arriving today :D

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