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so yeah.... its the 13th now 10.14 am! i got up at like 7 am. then everyone (there are people visiting my dad) left for boracay. ok, actually its my dads girl and her daughter and my bro sean. they all left at like 7.30 a.m... so now im just waiting for my sewers to arrive, were gonna have a talk on the tasks they need to do for preparation... but i need to borrow my aunts sewing machine again. after i talk with the girls im meeting my uncle bobby at my moms house for a lunch there and a long overdue meet. plus some other cousins from the states are here.. my mom gave me a sewing machine before so i might try and get that too so there will be two machines here... my god. and thats the plan so far. all before noon on my first day here. for
farks sake i hope thats not an indication of pace for this trip coz ill be dead by next week!

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