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The Dove chocolate pleasure kit arrived the day before i left!! oh yes.......
SO MUCH YUM!!!! yay. i like the milk. simon likes them all but leaves the milk for me "D

the small 4 piece boxes are pretty awesome... Oh yes. hes going to be bringing the chocolate at the blim fair on the 26th.

see here rina eating some. she said she had already tried it and it was yummy!

here angela and rodrigo are enjoying the DOVE chocolate!!! DOVE CHOCOLATE IS YUMMY. and im not just saying that coz i got a megaload for free k!! it really is.

so yeah! now simons going to take some pics and stuff.. i brought some of the choolate here to manila and everyone really liked it but i didnt take any pics! i just arrived!! and of course i didnt bring the camera.........
i found this blog which describes the chocolate exactly!!! much better than i could have ever imagined actually....

ok back to jewelry for a sec.
heres pair of custom wedding earrings i made *just* before i left. i never make stuff like this but simon and angela were like 'ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' and now simon wants me now to make more of these crystally clustery things. HAh.

these new designs will be available in Vancouver at Virgin Marys on commercial drive and Barefoot Contessa on commercial and main!! wedding earrings not included :D
go get em!!!!! ( please :)


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  1. monkey, those wedding earrings are gorgeous! make more! make more!

    where the devil have you been???