ok a bit late. going to email the winners later tonight before this friday for the addresses! i guess i have the fab fair to think about and i need to make more stuff.

best is like: 'damnit nicole, couldnt you take a better picture my friggin tits are hanging out'
me: 'oops'.... 'damn'. 'its too late now ive already uploaded it. im not taking more pictures.'

(hours later, simon sees best on the couch in the exact position i left her in, chest exposed, and he says: best looks hilarious. i look away and go back to work on the computer, but hear rustling sounds behind me. simon proceeds to rearrange best on the
couch and i turn and see this

the next day after leaving best and monkeyboney in their whirlwind state simes clears it away and i see this

i swear to god he plays with the dolls more than i do. or maybe i just dont clean up fast enough >< simes likes best best. i did leave her here for them to bond and they did!

these winners won a pair of earrings:
lisa amerongen
sarah at corvidpictures
savannah parker

this winner won the pouch:
sara rudolph

these two winners win a 10$ coupon!
goodvine at gmx
petra deginther

to those that didnt win a prize, you are still a winner to me!!!!!

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