Prizes, New Items and Happy Glitter Funfuns!

there will be these 4 main prizes and 2 gift certificates for $10!
3 pairs of earrings- locket and filigree earrings, sailing ship cabs, and yellow roses with glass drops.... Plus this wicked matroichka pouch the girls made in manila!

ive also uploaded a bunch of new dresses and tops for blythe in the sewn section, under 'clothes for blythe'
right now im working on the newsletter and uploading more jewelry pieces to the shop and dawanda. though i think i may need to consolidate the email addresses for the newsletter...
(later) ok! the newsletter has been sent! please i forgot to say: if you received the newsletter and did not subscribe to it, and would like to be removed, please do not hesitate to reply to it with the word "UNSUBSCRIBE" as the title and i will unsubscribe you right away!
WINNERS check it out here: CLICK ME


  1. hello!
    i tried to be on the mailing list but i haven't received the confirmation letter yet. do you know what's happening? thanks :)

  2. hello!
    ooh! i just sent the newsletter, like just right now! but please, send me your email or write it in the <----- box provided under my profile pic....... !!