omg! i thought the blim fair was this month on the 26th duh. im like wonder why the fair is on thursday, then later yuriko sends an invite out to people. DUH july 26 th. Such a Momoy.

so im kind of wondering where im going to be getting some of that extra money i thought i was getting. duh. duh. duh. headdesk.

i want to be in manila before july 15th. to see my uncle who wont be there after the 18th. damnit. im having second doubts now! oh yes, second doubts are much more severe than second thoughts, mind you.
(should i just brush it off)
i mean the last time i had no idea how i did it but i did it and now im wondering if it was worth it or not? of course it was duh!!! i need to reorganize. now that i know the fair isnt in 2 days :eyeroll: im going to organize everything for the fair on the 5th which is for supplies. oh yes behind shop cocoon. designers unload their load.

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