What else is pink?

and what about this song. Martin Gores 'Compulsion'? Damn good song. Ive rediscovered it-- remember listing to it like crazy in '94/'95. when it first came out i was too young.... but now gah. what i actually remember is an acoustic version playing off a record. but this one was the only version i could find and its got lyrics in a non cheese way :D

edit: january 10, 2012!!!!

this is the original that i used to listen to with a friend back in manila...or at least i think it might be... or its the original of the song. oh yes. its the original but the track i remember was an acoustic martin gore.

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ok so im reading articles on yahoo, love+sex coz im a girl, and i swear to god this one made me L. O. L.


click on this this new princess necklace,

someone asked me once what else is pink? (wink wink nudge nudge) couldnt help but laugh out loud. cant have too many LOLs in one post i tell ya.


  1. thanks lava. ive been wanting to make more of them in different color and theme ways.

    i love your blogs.