Mini clothes for your Blythe!

so ive uploaded some of the clothes but havent promoted them yet on the blythe forum... i dont know if they are priced ok. maybe ill make em free shipping. yeah. then i dont have to make little hangers anymore?? coz i was going to.
click on pics to go to listing

dont forget to check out the rest of the category for more variety

so cute tho ey. need to take more pics of the rest. like madly pressuring myself to stop slacking. really cant imagine what would happen to me if i was doing an everyday 9-5 job. that is probably the scariest thing i can think of having to do. yikes!

its kind of overcast today.

going to make a list of the tasks i need to do today otherwise ill forget their proper order. (my brothers whiteboard aka 'taskboard' pops into mind)

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