Car Free Festival, Felt and Filters

last night i sorted and turned on some email filters via sender and it worked! omg. why didnt i do it before? duh. now i think my inbox is going to be less hectic.
wish i could turn on and sort my brain filters too!

sold an item on felt the other day but now seriously dont know how it works really the buyer didnt reply to me yet....i still need to upload items onto there. its in new zealand dollars though so my pieces seem so expensive to me when i convert from canadian. yikes. you need to load your account with 10 bucks (nz bucks) then the first 5 listings need to be 'approved' and takes a few days, then when someone buys something it deducts again from your 10 ive listed 2 items, sold one and my balance is now 7.65. then i got an email from felt, but no buyer email and it says its up to me and the buyer. i mean if the buyer can see my full name and address id like at least to get an email address to send an invoice to no? this is kind of like how dawanda does it but not coz i havent paid dawanda anything they havent yet asked "D scary. hope i wont end up owing them like a bunch of cash in the near future coz i havent really figured that out or anything ><

this month is turning out to be some sort of internal battle with habits i must need to break in order to become the kind of person i want to be. wow deep.

also check this out my shop blog is now up and ready for updates and will be announced in the next newsletter. i can add media to it!! its a wordpress blog and lia made it last night! so now its part of the shop only, and this blog is going to go somewhere not wanted to be seen. like maybe in the about section. havent yet done anything but looked at it last night. mm i should delete that mandatory comment tho ><

Its Your Life Handmade will be at the Commercial Drive CAR FREE FESTIVAL! This Fathers Day, June 15. Ill be in front of Virgin Marys :D from 12 noon onwards!


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