kite runner, children of heaven

ok last night after angela left at like 2 am i decided to read a bit before bed- big mistake. i had already started to read the kite runner and was like 6 pages in when i picked it up again... then i just couldnt put it down till i finished it earlier this morning at around 9 am. gaaaah!~!! so good story. so good.
earlier that evening i watched the children of heaven which was really sweet.
really into persian/middle eastern culture right now.
-edit- woot found it on youtube in parts. so please see it if you have an hour or two to wont regret it its a lovely story.

so yeah. delivered skull pins to BLIM and bought groceries so now im kind of tired. no bike = walk. i hope the stuff in Barefoot Contessa is out on display already :D i guess i could go have a look at the main street location this weekend >< ill try and take pics.
this design is at the main street store:

ooh i forgot to upload pics from the commercial drive fair. will do later.

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