FAB FAIR Bags and Bling Sale this weekend!


On Sat June 7th and Sunday June 8th join talented local jewellery and fashion accessory designers at the historic Heritage Hall where they will display their eclectic mix of jewellery, handbags, hats, belts and so much more.

11am to 5pm daily Sat June 7th & Sun June 8th

Heritage Hall 3102 Main st @15th Ave




i have been making stuff like mad. lots. new stuff.
please come!

have been making stuff and going crazy.

long necklaces. i have to make an inventory for virgin marys for long necklaces and pocuhes. was sposed to go on tuesday but couldnt. need a whip. someone with a whip.
if only i could make this much stuff everyday. i wonder if id run out of ideas eventually? hope not.
had to buy chain at country beads the other day. ouch. so expensive 122 bucks for a like 50 feet of chain and some earwires. like, holee. ordering from catalogs is so much cheaper. like 50 feet of chain is a little under 20 bucks while at country beads its like 18 bucks for 10 feet. what was i thinking.... meanwhile ive bought (and its arrived) an insane amount of fabric right when i got back from manila with all the money i made so instead, in retrospect, i think i should have bought jewelry supplies then to make more jewelry and then bought the fabrics after i made money at fairs. coz right now im sitting on all this fabric im not going to be using till i get to manila in july and i have all the fairs and i dont have any chain. damn. and like after i bought all the fabric, i couldnt buy any jewelry supplies till way later (so the supplies that i did end up buying are not here yet)
i made a bunch of new stuff though.

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