Car Free Festival vids

the car free festival was great! so much fun and lots of good people :D took a couple of short videos... this one is of a band passing. pretty boring! basically my view when sitting down behind my table.

this video is of this dude who was rapping with his guitar.. he was really good actually! nice and political and independent thinking. but i only got this bit of him... and duh, i had the camera on its side for half the video ><

heres a pic of me in tending to my table in front of virgin mary's

me trying to defy my un-photogenic-ness

this virgin mary necklace i brought as an afterthought, thinknig this would be perfect for amber. duh. and she saw it right away and took it (bought it) but the craziest part was the fact that it matched her outfit and earrings (and store namesake) so perfectly. like she knew i was going to bring her this crazy matching necklace. too good!

and here i am behind my table. trying to look respectable.

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