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last april while i was in manila a this lovely girl from france was asking about a necklace design and if she could get it made longer... so i agreed of course! when i got back i made it for her and she was so stoked she made a blog post about it which in turn got her friend to buy soemthing from the shop as well! two wicked.
here is Gaelle's fashion blog (click on pic) and you might have to scroll down a bt to see her post.. but i think shes wearing the necklace with some other outfits in the pics... cool!!

also, this other girl from dawanda featured my unicorn earrings on her blog!
so very cool :D
come see blog....

now i need to get back in touch with this other french lady who wanted to feature me on her fashion site/blog...hesitated in my reply coz i had a gazillion tabs open and had to use the online translation to read what she said....though it was a really nice surprize!

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