SHOP UPDATE??!! OMG!!!11!!1

blue trees in esfahan....

oh yes see im getting back in it and have updated the shop with new pouches and a bag. will be taking and tweaking pics and posting new items all this week and i swear to allah of all the flaky things i do im not flaking on this. this is true. man midoonam.

ok! click on the bags and pouches pics to go to the shop page or click HERE to go the New products section of my shop!

i didnt iron for the pics and theres a couple wrinkly items so im going to have to iron everything...ugh. but! finally will use the cute spray bottle fabric starch i got in daiso for the spray bottle. hmm. i guess itll take a while to just have the spray bottle but if i start starching the shit outta all the pouches im sure itll get outta there in no time and i have my spray bottle... um, ok.

meanwhile the blim fair was sweet! was freaking as usual making stuff and thought i didnt have enough stuff but when i set up i was totally overwhelmed at how much crap i had on the table jeez! i was by myself coz simon was sleeping and (see story below) so i kind of felt unmotivated to go outside and set up so i was like the only person inside.....

i dont know if that was good thing or not but i guess otherwise id be in the sun, duh, i dont know or think i would have minded actually..... but yeah........
so now i really have to get in touch with barefoot contessa and update shops...
i finally heard from someone that recognized my stuff from plenty! at the blim fair. duh. i totally forgot i was in plenty and didnt tell girls that asked what shops i was in. anyway. also im running out of calling cards. i dont think i want to get moo cards again, i mean i do but they are expensive. so yeah..

updating the shop all this week and will be posting a pic of the new prizes i said id do for this month of may!!!
new jewelry is going straight into and dawanda shop and going to post the blythe clothes on the TIB forum... and im even thinking about paying my etsy bill and listing items on there again. not sure though. i mean, ill pay,but dont know if i want to list....i think i might list jewelry on etsy again when i make 1,500 sales (3 items away) they unmuted my friends and muted someone i didnt particularly like at all and so that in itself really makes me feel heartened an encouraged to relist and sell on etsy again. im so weird and emo and off topic.

~~drunken simon story~~ the other night before the fair, simon went with his friends to see cool herc. so i was like totally up making stuff all night so i was still awake when he got home at 4am completely drunk. teehee lots a laughs and story time then he goes to bed. im still up making stuff and like no longer than 20 mins. later i hear simon get up and move around the room and then i hear PEEING and crinkling plastic sound. i was like 'what the hellar you doing in there simon??!!!111!!!' so i go and check him out and he is standing in the corner where the wire mesh trashbin is at and he is peeing freely and quite happily into the haphazardly placed plastic bag. so of course i am like "oh my god simon stop that right now and go to the fucking bathroom!!!!1!!!111" so then he totally says 'ok' stops peeing and staggers to the bathroom and finishes peeing! he then goes back into the room and im like: 'simes get that frikkin piss bin outta the room it'll stink up the place!' and i go check on him while im saying this but not a second after i finish my horrified whine simon is contentedly snuggling up into the bed dreamily saying 'what piss bin...zzzzzzzz'


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