ok so i havent posted anything and now im back in vancouver! crap. oops.
too much
lots of new stuff! dudes i didnt make an inventory while down there, i couldnt get my head wrapped around using anothers computer. i dont think i can use a pc coz it took me so long to get used to a mac. so my excuse. and while i was in it, you know i couldnt see it. so im here now in my cozy space with simes and checking out how much lovely i mean super nice product. just like as if i made it but with cherry and joshs' hands. ay caramba. i need to go back sooner. and more organized. id rather do this than not realizing this is what ive been wanting to do. good thing i did it. its a 1 year, 2008 is.

its really nice weather here not too bad.. not too cold but i havent really been outside! eh.
oh yes, its my birthday. after the longest april 30th of my life.
im going to try and get a couple short vids and pics on phone up and get my bro sean to post some of them pics he took to my blog. yes if anyone needs an online assistant i got the guy for you ;D ask me for his resume and skillz....

so the got craft event is on SUNDAY!!! gah. im going to plan then make stuff tomorrow and saturday. i have some stock prepared from what i left with candice :D so ill be using some of that. ahh... after not making jewelry for a month and being in manila seeing manila styles im wondering what ill be coming up with..
def making some yummy incense :D and bringing the bags we made. the blythe clothes are to die for.
i need to take pics. i know picless post sucks. sorry!!!

shop orders need to be shipped and im so sorry for the delay...

happy birthday ><

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