newsletter this weekend!

ok i moved it.. didnt take any pics and dont know what to give away yet...
but hey im bringing new items to virgin marys tomorrow and on monday ill be bringing in more LONG NECKLACES ya.
i did this insane cardio workout today and i got really stoked at how sweaty i got. errrr...found it on youtube.. sparkpeople or something like that. the instructor was named nicole.. that was kind of funny... it was weird doing it off the computer though, did it after my walk and pilates. god i am such a nerd. but hey, anything to firm up. gosh i hate looking unideal to myself! ouch. it hurts.
so yeah i gotta get this food thing sorted out. we never buy food or make meals ever. i mean we used to but we burned out or something.
man i hope its sunny tomorrow got lots of stuff to do in the outside land of the actual outside. and i need to take more pics.

just went off and did this yes and no oracle thing where you type in any question and it tells you yes or no. i thought it was hilarious...


  1. Hey Nico, just checking in, saying hi! Hope you're doing great!
    Tried that oracle thing, asked if hubby would remember my birthday next week. Answer: NO. Tried again, give my love a second change. Answer: NO.
    hm. Oracle not nice. But maybe right? ;)

  2. hey ismoyo!
    that is awesome! lol its totally not nice but could be right right?!
    i was like asking it last night 'does he love me' NO and then id try to sneak it in again like a few mins later 'does he love me' NO. feckin oracle!

    advance happy birthday!