newsletter sweepstakes draw

yikes. its late.. im being a weirdo again.. its not late, its light. its terrible how my mind goes on overtime when i hold on to a thought.
its the 29th already and im doing the draw and sending out the newsletter later tonight after i upload more items. this weekend!!! this next newsletter will have a coupon code for the shop and when and what the draw is going going to be! so if you havent joined my mailing list yet please do so now ",
i kind of forgot how much work making the stuff and getting it online actually is. wtf.
after listing in the shop, posting on the blog, posting on flickr for cuteable, replying, by then listing on dawanda was chaos for me and i only got two items up! gah. i think its translating the tabs into german then french takes up the most time and concentration. mmmm i always knew i would hate working for someone else, but never thought it would be myself. im having such a terrible mindwalk right now. i am whack and need to sleep...

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