manila pics

i uploaded a bunch of them to flickr... i think if you click on the pic you go into my flickr and can see the rest of the pics.
or heres my flickr page: see pics from my trip!

the got craft fair went fantastic...omg. super good. paid simon back all the $$$$$$ i owed him :D

so now im still lagging on jetlagged shipping and am preparing that now >< also going to be making inventories for virgin marys and briers tonight so i can bring them stuff by tuesday??? ya!

during the fair i was approached by barefoot contessa so i think ill be having some product there soon ;D

the granny bags practically sold out and im kicking myself for not cutting more. josh was already bugging me after she sewed a few she was all cut more these are nice but spaced and damn.


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  1. Hey Lady!
    Looks like you worked hard and had fun too! Great to hear the fair went so good for you.
    Don't forget to take a little rest and sleep a bit! ;)