the blim fair is coming up this weekend!

its been overcast the past days i totally missed the sunshine to take more pics.

im going back to the philippines in july or august! that is my plan.

but i have to take the pics to sell more stuff so i can make money to go and for my capital.

i havent done my taxes yet. good thing i registered my business end of nov. so i only like have a month or something.

today i did shipping coz yesterday was a holiday (victoria day) and i totally slacked. ive been having a hard time 'getting back into it' i think it has to do with my unorganized work area. hmph.

i miss manila and the people in it.

ho hum.

after the blim fair this weekend i am doing the fab fair at the heritage hall on june 7-8. i think. or 8-9. ill get back and edit this.

ok seriously im going to take pics of every single piece of blythe clothing tomorrow rain or shine, and some of the bags and pouches for my shop. might as well take pics of those necklaces i wanted to as well. move a mountain, make a million dollars and have the power to be in two places at once. oh yes..........
and! one more thing. this is more a matter of mind over mind. redundancy.i somehow notice myself saying the same thing twice in a row. or bringing up a topic thats been talked about before. i wonder what that means??? might be my botched memory >< or some kind of i need to reaffirm shit coz im crazy ;P

im kind of bummed when i finished reading the witching hour i wanted to read the rest of the series and found out anne rice is like writing christian stuff? or like the life of jesus kind of deal. weird. i got kind of bummed. i mean, it was all there in the witching hour, the reference to the stars aligning into their perfect pattern on christmas (winter solstice)- i get this from the 'zeitgeist' movie, but then now shes like writing about the actual jesus figure. weird. i still want to read the rest of the series though i dont think ill be pickingup a jesus book anytime soon :c no hopes of a more detailed story of the mayfair witches i spose.

im really into saturday being a day of worship for saturn and sunday being a day of worship for the sun. rad-ness.

simon got me to watch 'esoteric agenda' the other week and man was i totally blown away yet again by another one of these conspiracy theory documentaries on 'how the world works' man oh man. what to believe what to think. its good to have as many sides as possible, especially since the sides seen in mass media are not about this kind of stuff.

an african shaman levitates.
now that is hype ass shit right there.
the powers of the mind can really affect our physical being. i also saw (a bit cheese but still good) 'the secret'.
what about sound waves affecting physical objects?
all these and more, in the real world.
its just so much more interesting.
so i get annoyed kids who play endless video games.
specially the violent ones. why dont they just join a wrestling team?
or paint ball in some designated area or some shit?
i suppose id never do those things, i never really want to do what most guys do on video games (kill, shoot, etc). playing a sports video game. i dont know what to think about that, and what about the cute ones. i guess i dont mind them. just not the killing ones. all the time. yikes no.

ok im going to bed i keep adding to this post and im not adding a picture?

its already 1:25
im reading the golden compass series now. im on page 27 and already there are all these discrepancies with the movie. but at least i have that wonderful imagery to draw from :D i didnt even know it was a series till i noticed the ending of the movie was a major cliffhanger and then saw the boxed book set at the thrift store for 7 bucks. yeah. i like fantasy. who the hell am i to get pissed at kids playing video games. geez.

ok so i am going to sleep now. i have neglected my online posting and shopping venues and will not let it go past this month of my birth coz i said so! and coz i really feel bad about it. i want an assistant/maid. is that ok????


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