well now i feel like ive totally injured my arm damnit. im left handed but use my right hand for everything else. i use the right side to carry my shoulder bag, i use my right hand in jewelry making. the right hand opens all the jumprings (and thats like at least 200 jumprings a day) and i sleep on the right side, and i use my right hand for the mouse as well.
all these right side favored uses have now passed their prime into waning. and pain.
damnit! i still have a lot more pieces to make. i am kind of pissed and hope i dont get some kind of real injury in the future.
meanwhile im trying to train my left hand to open jumprings and its not really working.
i am in pain i cant straighten my arm with out feeling a pain in the crook of my elbow.
to show for it all i have now about 70 pieces made. yikes. thats just the ones i can count at the moment. yay. and whew.


  1. Oh my goodness girl, I hope your arm feels better soon. Perhaps you could wear a litte wrap around your wrist for support? Hugs to you dear!

  2. thanks gina '-'/ thats great advice i will totally try that! ive been taking it slower and using my left hand :D im almost done, i think!