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i forgot to make and send out a newsletter end of feb. so ill be making one tomorrow.
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simon is going to be in charge of shipping out orders (if any) while im gone! omgosh! so im preparing everything for him like all labeled and stuff. i wont be around to *oversee* his packaging technique (if any) haha. poor sweet guy :D im sure he'll do a good job ;D

meanwhile im going to try and fill up my shop as best as i can. or somethin. i made these insane necklaces. i guess they are a series because they are all the same but different. super nice!! they are really long but since the chain is thick you can simply tie a single knot to shorten the length and then you have like this chain knot and swoop of chain hanging from the back of your neck which i think looks really nice and classy too! like you know when like old hollywood long pearl necklaces worn in a knot in the front. i like em.

the flower cameos are super brittle though :P and had to sand and trim some of the petals down because they were already chipped.

but underneath all the charms and chain it just adds to its baroque-ness. heh. these seahorse are wicked. very gothic like or something.

i designed this style a while ago and have been meaning to make this series for a while now. so finally they are here.
cream, black, blue and olive. im going to list on dawanda but i dont know if i should do the blue or green on there. ???
maybe the blue on dawanda? i dont know.

have so much stuff i keep not doing. so im gonna be listing a couple of these tonight in my shop. my wrist is killing me.

anyway ok. have you seen gramma's boy? man so funny. that and smiley face i saw two days in a row. how many other hidden gems (stoner movies) out there? why havent i seen them!
ok other movies i recently saw and totally missed out on: secretary and paranoid park? yikes never thought id like a skater type movie.
duh! and how could i forget. a day after i bought the (butter) chicken (its been on my mind) a friend sent me Earthlings. Oh my god. why will i want to eat meat again. support them if you can. or just fully
watch it.

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