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i just sent a newsletter to the mailing list!
wonder what i can blog about.

well, for one thing, i missed my flight the other day. for fecks sake. it cost me $430 to rebook a ticket. Basically most of the money i had for the trip. not only most, but practically all! im so broke again. so annoyed. i thought my flight was on the 19th but it was on the 18th. gah.
so now i am leaving on april 1. and will have to make as much cash as possible so i can still do all the projects i wanted to do down there. mostly sewing. though labor is much cheaper there, id still actually need some sort of capital! oh i am so annoyed with myself. so pissed.

oh yea, sale in the sewn items section of my shop. click me
15% off on all bags! hella cheap! and lia said she'd fix the shipping quotes as i over estimated them before.
lots of new items in shop too! here is the Zodiac sign cameo locket necklace:

im wearing my sign, taurus.
there are few other signs available, as well as hella fresh and stylin new pieces. click on that pic to go see the listing. they are $28 each (and with your newsletter discount code, they are less. hurrah!)

i brought new stuff to virgin marys and briers the other day. nice stuff too. was totally mortified at the few remaining pieces at briers. gah. so embarrassing. im going to need to change the cards and might bring an extra charm or two for the older pieces in there that lack luster in my eyes i suppose they were fine before, but seeing them months later, still there, the last ones that havent been sold yet, god it just kills me!

havent heard back from the plenty people. i hope the pieces are selling. i sold them the pieces wholesale and totally under priced stuff. damn. but i havent heard back so i am a bit worried. hope they are selling. havent been to go see my stock in their outlets yet and might not get to anytime soon. wish i could get a spy to go check it out. anyone?

there is a shitload of supply lots in my etsy store.
if you want any of them, and you think it costs too much, please let me know here on my blog, or send me an email. ill totally discount it for you and can just send you an invoice. i really shouldnt have listed then on there! ach, old (bad) habits die hard.
see the post below:

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  1. Hey! I saw your stuff at the plenty at metrotown. I didn't reeeeeeeally take note of what you had, but there were quite a few little earrings and maybe 2 or 3 or 4 necklaces?
    blurry memory...