k im going nuts trying to find these zodiac cameos i have a lot of and i cant find them.
gah. all i want to do is make more zodiac locket necklaces for the fair.

its friday already frik. im off schedule. supposed to have the inventories written down by now, but i havent even finished making stuff.

did every single dish and pot and now the kitschen looks roomier :D

where the hell are those damn cameos???

isnt there a saint you can pray to for this. patron saint of lost things. whoever you are, id really like to find that ziplock baggie.

(2 days later..)
i found them! ya! its kind of too late now though. but i did end up making zodiac necklaces for the fair, but i used these other zodiac cameos i had.

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  1. try Saint Anthony.won't hurt praying to him.