hey check this 2012 edit:
i fixed my sinus problems.
totally gone.
change your diet. that was it and all i did.


have the worst sinus headache/infection right now. god its like im living in a groggy foggy haze.
cant breathe! i hate it.
i was totally feeling like crap this morning with tonnes of sinus pressure so i looked online to see if i could find anything to relieve my symptoms.
1. mucus free diet. leafy veggies/fruits. no starch/sugar/dairy. not check.
2. steam inhalation. check.
3. no dust/pollen/allergens in home. not check.
4. drink plenty of water. check.

then i found this sinuswars site selling homeopathic medicine for every kind of sinus problem. i really want to try it. but i am broke. so its in my bookmarks for when i come back. i tried this other homeopathic stuff- my eye drops coz my eyes get super fucked lots of times (probably related to sinus!) and the homeopathic eye drops really work well, so i have good confidence with the homeopathic sinuswars racket.

meanwhile, been making lots of stuff for the i heart crafts fair on April 13. Candice, my agent will be selling for me!
so look out for her at the show. i will post the poster very soon!


  1. Girl, hope you feel real better soon! Can't believe you actually posted a pic of yourself when you feel that terrible. ;) It would be the last thing i would want to do.
    I will send you some healty thoughts tonight ok?

  2. thanks ismoyo! lol, this pic isnt even the worst one of the bunch that simon took last night. ahah this one mild and tame in comparison :D

  3. http://nicoletirona.blogspot.ca/2012/01/alkaline-diet.html

    i fixed my problems