gold ring :D its real, i think. it seems. it better be. its not like the last one. i drafted that post coz i was pissed when i wrote it. duh. this one was like 50 bucks with shipping included. 18kt gold. i felt kind of bad. its so old, totally older than me. i tried to cut it, you can see, but simon had to do the rest. i should getit tested. i gold plated a lot of the bird earrings and will be listing the new gold plated ones. when the solution is too hot the color looks like antique gold, which i thought was pretty cool, so i made a few pairs 'antique' gold looking.
made 10 necklaces tonight while watching films on veoh. nice :D
should go to bed. the birds are chirping. i want to list as many new pieces as i can before i go. hope it all works out. have about 50 lots of supply destash to list on etsy, and i also wanted to make a sale section in my shop for jewelry and sewn items.
blech :P so much to do but im so lazy. i know if i really work like all day i can get so much more done. but to work all day yikes who taught me to do that? certainly not myself or anyone i know... el oh els.
cant wait for the movie adaptation of the hobbit!
ive been reading the silmarillion and unfinished tales by tolkien and havent picked up the son of the circus in a while. with unfinished tales i like the uninterrupted stories the best. everytime theres a footnote number i get mild anxiety thinking im missing out on some more story only to be led by the footnote into a description of language or something. ya. i like the stories. the silmarillion is pretty wicked once i got used to all the names. there are a shitload of names and took me a while to remember, but now im just reading it and its really beautiful, what a story. the writing sometimes i just say it out loud. no one talks like that! but i wish i could naturally. its awesome. ex. Then Sauron smiled, saying: 'That is a small price for so great a treachery. So shall it surely be. Say on!'
or: 'Then your words bode ill for they can hear but one meaning...My heart is shut.'
i mean those are probably the crappiest quotes ever, but ya. i like.
"Farewell, O twice beloved! A Túrin Turambar turun ambartanen: master of doom by doom mastered! O happy to be dead!"
Nienor The Silmarillion, Of Túrin Turambar

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