chosen as the editors pick!

woohoo! what a NICE surprize @@

i got chosen as editors pick in the indie collective directory!

why am i getting all these indiecollective hits today, clicked on their homepage, then closed it, then i was like.. wait a second.... clicked on the homepage again and there i was! i mean, there its your life was :D

went over to virgin marys to drop off these lovely and fine pieces:
(click on pic for large view- then go to virgin marys and buy the one you liked best!)

and pouches too :
see amber, she is such a doll, so cute! :D you can see some virgin mary statues and a cat pic. hehe.

then i went to get some curries for dinner at a fave spot on commercial tandoori corner. oh yes they deliver super yummy south indian and super reasonable $.
plus they got this really cool ceiling get up:

well my wrist is killing me. gonna go watch a flick and sleep early!

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