you all are winners to me!! but the three who won the prizes are coming up!
i made a picture story.

so velvet really wanted to pull the names out of a hat. she was going for the 'natural' look this week and refused to wear any make up.

then to be really objective, i asked simon to choose the names. he was doing the dishes.

so off he went. i give him the reverse action tweezers coz his hands were all wet.

after a bit of learning how to use them he picks out 3 winners right away!

but alas!!! one of them is him!!! what are the chances. lets hand it to murphy.

so he goes for it again, still using the tweezers even though his hands are already dry.


The $25 certificate goes to winner ingchan!

The two goodie goodie giftie bags go to claudescreations and pin-upchick!

ill email you 3 tonight ;D

thank you all for reading! the next newsletter will be in a month i suppose, but dont forget about coming back to check on the new items ill be adding this weekend.



  1. yayyy!! thank you so much! :)

  2. woohoo winner! you are totally welcome!

  3. ohmygosh! today was such a crappy day at work, its been raining non stop in sydney now for 3 days and i was feeling all sad....and then - i checked my emails....awesome! thanks heaps to Simon and to Velvet - who btw looks stunning today. xox claudes