plated gold!

i still have no gold anode. i bought a pair of 18kt gold earrings from an ex-favorite supplier of mine but never got them so i had to get a refund. then today im polishing these brass lockets and am really wanting them to be plated gold. so i figure i might as well try now while the urge is urgent. no anode, i used a length of 10kt filled gold wire and it totally worked! but the color is so dark gold almost orange-y coz its 10kt. its ok though the wire is not usable anymore coz ees so ugly and eaten away now!
so now im all getting obsessed and really want to get plating all this brass stuff i have so i was looking for a lapidary place or some kind of supply and finally! found a place right downtown so i dont have to go as far as i originally thought (burnaby. heh, its not even that far) but anyway this place, its on smithe! lacy west. so im gonna go tomorrow coz later today i have a meeting with marie from plenty. cross fingers ill be supplying them with jewelry soon? :D could be rad.
also, im updating new stuff to briers by this friday. also wanted to see if there is need for more pieces at virgin marys, so i think i will just make as much stuff as i can finishing the chain i have here. whew. vacations over.

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  1. hey, that's cool about plenty! my friend used to work there (metrotown) and she would tell me about a girl that worked for you that often came in to see if they would sell your jewels! hope it works out..