im going to manila! mear the end of march till the end of april.
i dont know what to do! gosh there seems to be a neverending stream of stuff i have not yet done mingling with my ever present laziness equals nothing! egads.

i need to sew pouches this weekend. paper ya update soon :D

so when im in manila i dont know what will happen to its your life.
im going to get some sewing done when im down there, bags, pouches and what not so i think the prices can be dropped by a tad... or not... i mean i still do have to haul ass 1/3 of the world away to get it done down there. might also get some blythe clothes sewn :D that could be fun.

i think i got myself an agent the other week but nothings really come of it yet. im making a crap load of stuff though, or so i keep telling myself.

always running out of supplies. makes me go crazy! i dont buy in super gigantic bulk but maybe i will start to think about that.

making butter chicken right now! yum. i bought a nice spice paste packet by 'asian home gourmet' at kea on 10th. its the purple package. and shit man this butter chicken is boss.. this is the first time i bought raw chicken (or any raw meat) to cook at home in 3 or 4 years. thought it would be hard, but this was so easy.

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