ive been busy making stuff and quite a few dawanda orders to send :D
meanwhile i reopened my etsy shop, but the next day found out about etsy closing the #3 supply shop because of their misunderstanding and did not apologize. basically it went like a buyer wrote to help to ask how to pay, they misunderstood this and somehow closed the shop because they read it as a buyer complaining about non-delivery. this supply shop has over 15,000 sales and positive feedback. quite marvelous and an achievement onto itself! all that shipping (shudder). but etsy misread ONE buyers email and closed the shop on friday, so the shop was closed for the whole weekend. then, the supply seller was trying to find out about this buyer. etsy gave her the email and transaction number which is totally useless for searching for a transaction not only because it is not a function in the etsy seller console, but more glaringly because they completely shut down her shop and closed all record of it from the public and her. she had no access and still many orders on the go. there were forum threads of worried buyers and frantic (?i'd be) customers. she ebventually finds out this buyer hadnt even paid, etsy did not even check! her shop was closed all weekend, because etsy admin i guess have all weekend off and they so quickly closed it on friday. so anyway finally they reopen her shop but did not even apologize or anything!
what timing ey? i should have left it closed. when i pay them my bill, i am paying them to do this to us sellers. i did a bad thing with it leaving neglected though, because i sold a pair of sold out earrings on there but because of neglect failed to remove them from my shop. ay naku. its all updated now tho!
and ive also recently updated my dawanda store, and more recently my own shop has been updated with necklaces and earrings found in my own store only!
really nice ones. see here is one i really love. theres no whole picture of it though coz the one i took was totally bad. but the brown one has a whole view, and they are the same.
marsha orange

marsha brown

i also found this really insightful and helpful article on the abusive woman.

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