i finished reading lord of the rings last night! i wish i read it slower. damn. i think it lasted only two weeks. at least i have still the appendixes and the other books.

dropped off pieces earlier to briers! lots of cute new loves for valentines day so go check it out before it is all sold! briers is on west 4th by arbutus.

then after i went over the lacy west and its right in the same building as where the or gallery was, and woah! its full of stuff. im saving to get a tumbler and pellets so i can silver plate without having all the weird white deposits. got me some jax brown black. :D

finally got gold plating solution it was 90 bones! i didnt get a gold anode, but instead a stainless steel one, so the gold comes from the solution instead a gold anode. i got 18kt, coz i think 24kt is too almost orange. for me, at least. im going to do some plating after i finish up eating and shipping. simes is making food :D

other good news plenty decides to try out a few of my designs and will be carrying a few necklaces and earrings soon. ill post here when i deliver!

today and the other day i got all that i mailed on monday returned to me in the mail. so annoying. most of them are for dimensions and a couple are for weight. the goodie bags won off the newsletter are too heavy!

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