i finally finished sewing the bags i meant to bring to briers earlier this week, and brought them over there yesterday. simes came with me! poor guy was suffering the whole time. hes at the dentist right now getting that taken care of.

while on the bus, we saw amanda! you cant see here but she was also wearing the delft sailing ship earrings :D sweeeet!

now i took a picture of amanda a while ago and meant to put it up on here but never got around to. '

she has been rocking the bag i made for her. i made it for her over a year or two? ago and its been put to good use, everysingleday! i was so amazed at how its still together! the stitching around the top came off a bit near one of the straps, but its ok coz theres still lots of other stitches unseen holding it up and its more a case of the fabric fading and degrading, yikes. i neber wanna spray the fabric with scotchguard or anything like that but i always like it when bags outer fabric has a stiff feeling. maybe i should try and starch them. mm. ill look into that!
simon and i fixed the studio a bit, well we keep doing, and i like it now, more than before, my dressform is up beside the lamp from the lady that died and it matches perfect! i have a shitload of bags and clutches and pouches cut up that have not been sewn. found tonnes tucked away under stuff :P all kinds too. like i get inspired one day and cut this sweet fabric with a great bag shape, then, i stop there. most of them lack lining, or interface. so im taking it on myself to sew them all up and post to my shop. lots of the jewelry area is like that too damnit :D loose piles of unmade designs ,-_-,

im bringing the plenty order on monday :D

so i now i need to add a plenty link to my sites! please go check out the plenty store locator! they have shops all around vancouver as far as richmond center and metrotown!

bought a used paperback edition of the hobbit last week and devoured it in two days. meanwhile, the son of the circus is coming along nicely.
a lot of the books that we have here are hardbound and hella thick and large. the lord of the rings was simons copy from the early 90s as an xmas pressie from his mum. it was heavy! damn hard to read on the makeshift sofa. this son of the circus is the same, but a third thinner. ahh. almost all (cept LOTR) of these hardbound books are from when ashley decided to buy a whole old record stores worth of stuff for 200 dollars, and most of these books were part of it. lots of canadian stuff? and lots were un*fortunately brought to the dump by tyler ;; ive been meaning to list some on craigslist. and debating weather or not i should bother to try and sell all the vhs tapes and the player. i mean, it would be awesome if we could nicely keep all the stuff we accumulate but who has the space? maybe if we lived in the country we could do that. id want paperbacks in the country tho so i can go read in the forest or plain with a picnic and pillow.

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