haha i forgot about that car alarm dude!! lolzzzz..

saw (pans) labyrinth and i really liked it but 1. didnt know it was in spanish 2. there wasnt much fantasy as i expected. might be because im reading lord of the rings right now, coz realizing the story was so simple and as is made me want more story. i think my brains been trained by elaborate costume and special effects = epic tale from a book or something. like it was really freakin gory and brutal with the dude bashing that poor farmers nose in repeatedly. wtf it was so gruesome and explicit but didnt connect to the underworld princess thing for me. i was hoping for some kind of underworld and real world collision but it happened in the end and not like how i was prepped for. but all in all a dope film.


  1. It took me a while to figure out you were talking about Pan's Labyrinth and not THE Labyrinth.

    So I couldn't stop imagining David Bowie saying his lines and Spanish and thought this would make the movie infinitely amazing-as if that could be possible!

    They're both good films...in their own genres...

  2. haha! oh my~ i didnt notice i initially wrote 'labyrinth' only.
    that would be strange thinking of david bowie acting out spanish lines!
    i loved that movie!