woohoo i took pics. its getting dark already at 3 ;c plus its overcast.
taking pics of bags is frikkin hard meng. i need like a full back drop and lots of good light. yuk. the pics i took of my bags are dark and grainy and not clear and the subtle colors of the fabric look like techni-color. i have about 5 bags here. gosh. i totally forgot to clean out my craft bag i bring to fairs. found all kinds of items in there O_o
meanwhile im going to be resizing and posting the pics here and in my site.

did you sign up for my newsletter yet?
i havent given any out, but will in the end-ish of january when i get more items up. gonna be giving away a gift certificate for 25$ and free shipping coupons (even for bags!!) so come on and sign up! im a slackerbracle so dont expect spam ><
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<----------------- there

ive added a few more necklaces to my shop!
the bags' pics really super suck! yikes! after looking them in actual pixels jeez. nevermind. im going to figure something out. might ask angela if i can use her light tent at her work.
meanwhile i made a love letter locket necklace (2 of em!) and they are only available in my online shop:

click on pic to go to snazzy listing (its $36)
edit: of all the featured items its gotta be the wonky one. ok lemme try again....
egyptian styles necklace-silver not listed yet-$16

daisy and mushrooms delight -$32

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