i hadnt checked out michs' shops blog in a while and i really want to buy a bunch of the clothes!! ak. so cheap. hello its only 21 CAD ???
im totally saving as much hella money as i can for when i go back home!

check this: its da scene
and cool manila style blog:

omg. take part in the adventure that is me going back to manila and blogging the crazyness down there by buying my stuff! seriously and please :D :D


  1. How do you buy stuff from michs' shop blog?

  2. oh gina i have no idea :c ive been wanting to buy stuff from people in manila for a long while now but i dont know if anybody has paypal over there. have no idea how to send them money.
    maybe you can leave a comment in her shop blog? you might need to be a livejournal member to comment on her actual blog, but you can get her email from her livejournal profile.

    im so going shopping when im over there. its not funny!!!