in the makes

omg ive been sewing little clothes today. i was supposed to be making new jewlery designs :D ahah k these little dresses for my blythe are cute. ill rezize pics later. meanwhile i reading about the RSS feed. i think i turned it off for this blog. forgot why, so im turning it back on again :D
meanwhile new sugarmag outfits for the girls:

oh yeah: and i added two items to my shop! go check it out??

ok i just checked my prices again and the bags are hella cheep@@ because i made them a while ago k!! im working on this new style that is kind of complicated and am hoping to sell it on dawanda for about 70 bones! it is awesome :D and though i fudged up i fixed it and its like better than ever :D :D...hours later..
omg! i finished it kind of. and fudged again but its ok ill handsew a bit. it was like giving a bag. need ironing but heres what it looks like now:

i guess if i keep making them ill get to make them faster.

here are some of the blythe clothes im working on.. im also 'working' on making them less cute and more grown up, but i have tonnes of cute fabric so ill just keep going with it.

you can see the little mini kitchen set simon got me in spain!!! when i make doll house for the girls ill make the kitchen first '-'

edit: ok they are done now :D

the cherry blouse is now sold.
im having a sale in the This is blythe forum:
but if you like any of them and want to buy one send me a message or leave a comment here :D

see bigger sizes on my flickr: here


  1. Those are some very cute dresses you made! Love the little cherry print!

  2. thank you willy! super fun to make and when they are done i can just look at what i did for hours ><

  3. Oh my goodness, you're making blythe clothes! And they are so super cute, I just love what you've done!